Seeds. I believe they are the true beginning of change.

Are you ready to plant some seeds and watch your life transform before your eyes?

My not so secret, secret; I LOVE FARMING. Every single aspect of growing plants thrills my soul. When I realized that my worlds of coaching, writing and farming were one in the same, everything about them all changed and burst into soulful awareness. 

My belief; In every seed we plant, there is the unreasonable request that a miracle will happen.  A simple, single seed, holds within its shell, life. That life doesn't wait. It begins immediately working towards its greatness. 

When we plant a seed, the life of that seed begins a wonderful journey, without questioning its journey. As the seed begins its transformation, it cracks.  It must become completely broken in order to take on the new form. The inside comes out, it reaches up toward the sky and digs down with it’s roots. It lives in the darkness until it grows enough to break the surface of the dirt.

Just like the seeds we plant, our thoughts and beliefs are the beginning of our reality. What we plant matters. This is the miracle. This is the beginning of a meaningful life. 

Throughout this site you will find tools to help you discover what seeds you would like to plant and nurture. Plant as seeds, cultivate your beliefs, dig deep down in your soul to find that inspiration. I am honored to be a part of your transformation. 


Nail It In 90

The path to success is paved with small, daily actions. How does the acorn become the mighty oak tree?

The acorn does not question the rate at which it grows. Every day, the acorn grows incrementally, on its mission to be a grand oak tree. Little by little, it transforms.

Mother Nature holds the key to true success. Consistent action builds on itself, creating the grandest of all results. By modeling this strategy, you can transform yourself and your world.

Are you ready to transform?

Distinctly You

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 4.58.12 PM.png

How do you Rebrand Yourself? What has to happen for you to change? 

We all have an internal and an external version of ourselves. Those internal beliefs and rules we have drive who we believe we are in this world. Our external versions are often driven by other peoples rules and society. What we believe on the inside and what we project on the outside are not always in sync and this is where unhappiness begins.

Distinctly you takes you on an internal and external exploration of yourself, realigning and redefining your beliefs, rules and vision of yourself, allowing your new BRAND to step forward. Ultimately, this journey brings you full circle, into the best, happiest version of you that you can be!

Emotional Awareness for Kids

Imagine what would happen if our children were empowered from the earliest o ages to understand their emotions.

What if they were taught positive words to use daily along with strategies to help them manage their emotions? What if all of these lessons could start as early as 2 years of age? The Adventures of BuLu is designed to give children life skills at the most impressionable time in their lives, early childhood. I believe by putting all the great thoughts in their minds as early as we can, we can empower them to be strong, thoughtful individuals who can understand that their happiness lies within them . . . nowhere else. Give your children the gifts of self love, confidence and happiness; an extraordinary foundation that will last them a life time!